New Year and a New Start

New Year New Start. We are now in the New Year and for many people that means that they are looking for a new start.  Unfortunately for many this may mean divorce.  In our experience January is the most popular month for divorces.  The amount of time that people spend together over the festive season(…)

Vulnerable client training

On Monday 30th November, Jane Leadbetter delivered a training session advocates in the area working with vulnerable clients. The training event covered child protection procedures and general issues relating to parents involved with the local authority and in care and adoption proceedings. The event was well received and Jane will be delivering similar events in(…)

Bad News Days…

The headlines of the news today highlight the fact that there are an increasing number of children being taken into the care of the Local Authority and a large number of those are new born babies. They are often removed when the mother has had previous children taken into care. In these circumstances and indeed(…)

January Offer – Divorce £400

For all of January we are repeating our very special offer We will only charge £400 (plus VAT and disbursements) to carry out all of the work in connection with applying for and obtaining your divorce.   It’s easy to apply; throughout January simply ring any of our offices and confirm that you wish to  book(…)

Misled in divorce proceedings

Has your spouse misled the court about their wealth? If the answer to this is yes then the recent Supreme Court judgment in the cases of Sharland -v- Sharland [2015] UKSC60 and Gohil  -v-  Gohil [2015] UKSC61 could assist you.  In both these cases it was alleged that the husbands have misled the court about(…)

Forced Marriage Focus

West Yorkshire Police have launched a seasonal forced marriage and honour based violence awareness campaign. As the school holidays have started West Yorkshire Police are reminding people of the signs to look out for forced marriage and honour based violence. Over the school holidays there tends to be an increase in forced marriages. in the(…)

Recommendations for Mediation to include children.

The voice of the Child Advisory Group has been campaigning for some time to make divorce and separation more child “friendly” and recently published a parenting charter advising separating parents to prioritise children.  Although it is appreciated that children should not be directly involved in issues surrounding the separation of their parents it is important(…)

Care applications rise

In March 2015 CAFCASS received a total of 1066 Care applications. This represents a 16% increase compared to March 2014.  In the 12 months to the end of March 2015 the number of applications represented approximately a 5% increase in care applications. Therefore if you have children whom Social Services are involved with or are(…)

Judge warns surrogate children

Judge warns unregistered surrogate born children. Mrs Justice Pheis has warned that children born through surrogacy but without the protection of parental orders run the risk of becoming a “legal time bomb” and “stateless and parentless”?  The High Court Judge has raised concerns as a result of the expansion in the number of surrogate births(…)

Surprising statistics

There were 5,050 looked after children adopted during the year ending 31 March 2014, an increase of 26% from 2013 and an increase of 58% from 2010. These figures were revealed in a statistical release by the Department for Education. Although the number of looked after children adopted fell between 2010 and 2011, the number(…)

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