Collaborative law

Collaborative law

Emma Clough is a trained Collaborative family lawyer. She is accredited by Resolution to undertake Collaborative work. Your family case whatever the issues can be dealt with on a Collaborative basis if you choose. This entails both parties being represented by a Collaboratively trained solicitor.

Each party will have their own solicitor who will advise them of their best interests. The usual client-solicitor relationship exists. Your case is negotiated by way of a series of meetings arranged between all parties and their legal advisors. At the first meeting the Collaborative law process is explained to both parties, who are asked to sign an agreement, which will already have been explained to each party by their own legal advisor.

The parties are agreeing amongst other things to negotiate their issues in a non-confrontational, open and honest way. Generally there is a series of 3 to 5 meetings, depending on the complexity and number of issues during which agreement can be reached as to the divorce process, financial matters and arrangements for children, which can then be embodied into a legal document or Court Order depending on the circumstances.

Legal aid is not currently available for resolving matters following the Collaborative principles although hourly rates are fully explained to you or you can choose a fixed fee package.

Regular and flexible payment terms can be agreed. Please contact Emma Clough on 01924 473065 to arrange a free 30 minute consultation.