Domestic violence

Domestic violence

Domestic abuse can take many forms – physical, sexual, financial, emotional and psychological. It can range from your partner submitting you to constant questions about your whereabouts, to following you, sending you harassing text messages or asking family or friends to report back on your day to day activities. Domestic abuse may involve your partner locking you in the house, your partner or ex partner subjecting you to violence or threats of violence. Such abuse can take place during or after a relationship. You may find your children witnessing incidents of domestic abuse and you may worry about the impact the abuse is having on them.

In some cases you may find your partner is controlling any money that comes into the household. You may find yourself increasingly isolated from family and friends. It may well be that you separated from your partner some time ago, but that your ex partner simply will not accept that the relationship has ended and will not leave you alone. In all of these cases, and many many more, we at Brearleys are here to help.

It may be that your situation requires very urgent action, such as an emergency application to the Court, to protect you and any children you may have. In these circumstances we at Brearleys can provide urgent advice and assistance in making such applications to the Court. We will be able to discuss the whole process with you so that you know what your options are, from beginning to end. We can advise you with regard to the different types of injunctions and help you decide which best suits your situation. We can draft a Court application on your behalf and attend Court with you at short notice, meaning that we can speak to the judge on your behalf. We can also assist with speaking to the police and arranging for service of any Court papers upon the Respondent.

In some cases it may be that it is appropriate to send an initial letter to the Respondent, warning them about their behaviour, and it may be that this is sufficient to stop the harassment in its tracks. If it doesn’t you can rest assured that further action can be taken.

You do not have to put up with domestic abuse – please contact Brearleys today if you are a victim of domestic abuse. We have very experienced and also Resolution accredited domestic abuse specialists. Legal Aid is still available in many cases and some initial, impartial advice can be provided. We may also be able to signpost you to other organisations, such as refuges, to help preserve your immediate safety.