Family mediation

Family mediation

Bayla Klyne is a member of the Family Mediation Association and Emma Clough is a Resolution-trained mediator..

It is now compulsory for you to attend at family mediation before making an application through the Court. We will arrange an initial assessment for each party, to assess their respective suitability to mediation. If all parties are suitable and willing to mediate then arrangements will take place for a mediation appointment. The mediator is independent and will not legally advise any party.

Each party can obtain their own legal advice to support them through the mediation process. Our family mediators are used to working with your own legal advisors. Mediation is a process by which the Mediator assists parties to reach an understanding on the issues that are in dispute, whether financial, children or other matters. The Mediator will then prepare a Memorandum of Understanding document to reflect the outcome and send it to each party and their legal advisors who will, if necessary, prepare any Court Order.

It is not always necessary for both parties to be in the same room to mediate. We have suitable arrangements in place should the parties wish to remain in separate rooms. We are able to offer legal aid where appropriate and if one party to mediation is eligible for legal aid then even if the other party is ineligible the Legal Aid Agency will still pay for their initial assessment meeting for both parties.

If it is appropriate and the parties agree to mediate, then again if financially eligible we offer legal aid and if not, we offer a competitive price structure at £120 per hour.
Please contact Bayla Klyne on 01484 714400 for further information.