Vulnerable parties

Vulnerable parties

A person may be vulnerable for many different reasons. This could be as a result of longstanding learning difficulties/disabilities, medical conditions or mental health issues.

People can however become vulnerable due to a crisis or a set of circumstances, including living arrangements, which has left them with, either depression, low self esteem or simply lacking in confidence. As family law specialists we are used to regularly dealing with vulnerable clients.

We are able to provide a very professional service, tailored to the individual needs of our client. Some clients may require extra support from friends or family members, which can be arranged. Other people often have the support of professional parties who may already be involved in their lives and with whom they feel comfortable. Again this is welcomed.

On occasions when we recognise parties are vulnerable and they do not have their own friends or family to support them, we are able to arrange an advocate to assist. We will always write letters, and explain other complex documents in a way our client can understand.

Our Solicitors are experienced in providing a professional service in a sensitive and caring manner.
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